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Monday, October 31, 2005
Getting caught up on some SF Homeless News

Surplus Property, slowly but surely...

S.F. school district looks to surplus real estate for revenue
Three Years, 15 Sites, Not One Home
Big Victory for Homeless at Surplus Property Committee
Empty building spurs lively debate

State gets plan to house the homeless
S.F. group helping the poor to build their assets
Supe aims to find jobs for disabled, homeless Alioto-Pier fights for tax credits, similarly, Tax credits urged for "clean-tech" city firms
Mission condo project sparks debate
Mayor: Homeless plan having an impact, Advocates ‘Housing-First’ Policy for Homeless Families
Rally Against Homelessness: Family Time
More Newsom PR, and that's the extent of it.
Regional Plans to keep track of homeless people across the Bay, can government surveillance respect the privacy rights of the homeless without trouncing and evicting or jailing them all over the place? just take a look what's happening in LA.

Redevelopment in L.A. Affects Homeless Population
Dumping of Homeless Suspected Downtown : Sheriff's report tries to explain why homeless man dumped in downtown LA : LA TIMES Series: Life on the Streets SKID ROW

* BONUS News: Tokyo homeless get cleaner teeth thanks to one-woman campaign

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