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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
H O M E L E S S N E S S :

Supervisor Daly's Surplus Land Proposal passed nearly unanimously at the board today, save Tony Hall's petty and spiteful critiques. This is something Daly has been pushing for over the last couple of years in close quarters with the Coalition on Homelessness, to get the city to identify available parcels of unused/underutilized land and to turn them over to the mayor's office of housing for review and implmentation into supportive housing for the homeless or affordable housing for low income citizens. I attended a rally last night with James Tracy (Right to a Roof) and Daly as we marched to a couple of the future sites, one of which has already been green-lighted on Grove St in that empty lot next to the art space across from city hall. There I met Randall Kalal, an activist for the coalition and a former homeless artist himself, who has been asked to design a supportive housing facility there. I will keep you posted as I catch up with him more and try to see if AFH.SF can't get more involved.

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Beyonchron.com posted this editorial in response to this recent chron article.

“For the past six months, the San Francisco Chronicle has lied to its readers about the Bush Administration's commitment to ending chronic homelessness. In story after story, and in a succession of editorials, the Chronicle has bought hook, line and sinker the phony claims of Bush homeless czar Phillip Mangano that the federal government was providing "new" resources to combat chronic homelessness. Meanwhile, the paper has ignored Bush's assault on Section 8 housing, described in the above Times editorial as the only program that could end the problem.”

A Barbeque in resistance! Several hundred poor folks resist the lies of Care Not Cash

“Displacement is a big part of Care not Cash – they are talking about outreach teams. Every mayor for the last twenty years has talked about outreach teams., why should those displace all the people who have followed the rules, worked through the system and are now in line for their housing, which is what this will do, just to make this mayors outreach team idea look good,” LS Wilson from the Coalition on Homelessness detailed the specifics of the implementation."

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D E S I G N :

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