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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
D E S I G N :

Sneak Preview Link on AFH’s next competition released this week on archinect forums. OUTREACH intends to build a new network of unique structures around Sub-Saharan Africa, using the crisis of AIDS to spoke off into local community projects such as this one that build greater sustainability while serving as transit hubs for the mobile clinic along the way.

‘Building Goals’
”In many parts of Africa sporting activities, in particular soccer/football, are being incorporated into a variety of programs geared towards helping youth to address a broad range of issues affecting their lives. The "team" approach is especially important if countries are to successfully meet and overcome their current challenges, from poverty to HIV/AIDS, and from malnutrition to educational access.

This summer we are challenging the creative world to design a football facility in Somkhele, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. This facility will serve as a gathering place for youth between the ages of 9 and 14 including home to the first ever girls football league in the area. the pitch will also act as a tool to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; and as a potential service point for a mobile health care clinic.

This facility would be inexpensive and can be built through local labor and/or sustainable materials. This project must include demountable goals, sideline benches and a small changing room. The entire facility should be built for less than $2500.”

This is a nice short history of Tent Cities around the nation, and a growing trend leading into Denver right now with a first round positive City Council Response.

Gimme Shelter
Going camping across the country.

If you are in NYC there is Brooklyn Designs 2004

Additionally, the Chamber is pleased to announce that world-renowned architect Enrique Norten will be headlining the seminar/lecture series as the keynote speaker the evening of Friday, April 30. Norten is the founder and principal of the firm TEN Arquitectos, which has offices in both Mexico City and New York. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards including The Architecture Prize of the National Fund for the Arts, the Gold medal from the Society of American Registered Architects and currently holds the Miller Chair at the University of Pennsylvania. “We are honored to be hosting Enrique Norten as our keynote speaker this year. His participation is truly a testament to the important role Brooklyn plays within the design community,” said Kenneth Adams, President of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

FRIDAY, April 30th 6:30 to 7:30 pm
Enrique Norten in Brooklyn

Enrique Norten, Principal, TEN Arquitectos, will speak about his recent work and his firm’s winning entry in the Brooklyn Public Library’s Visual and Performing Arts Library Competition

Profiling past AFH winners: Gans and Jelacic (check this bio and Resume)

H O M E L E S S :

Real Housing, Real Care, a game of loopholes and extracting money from the homeless’ only cash benefit. What will be guaranteed in return? The city is pinching the homeless now for use of utilities in whatever shelter they will receive as a compromised result of the amended Care not Cash.

Newsom has just cut the total plan for an affordable housing bond significantly, while much concern is how to combine public subsidies for the homeless, low income citizens, and even homeownership subsidies at 100% AMI all in one bond. Traditionally these types of combined bonds have failed, every group scrapping for their parts. This time around we wonder shoudl we even be considering public subidies for new homeowners. While it mimics Prop J how must we examine a more phase inclusionary approach in this type of allocating? Shaw and activist Jim Tracy have shared some op-ed’s on beyondchron.com.

Meanwhile Daly is taking the Housing Preservation Ordinance to the ballot in November. It is seen as an attempt to close the door on a developer loophole that allows them to flip rent controlled units back into market rate at the death of current lessees in so called areas of blight. As much as rent control is the lynchpin for affordability today in SF, we need to think aggressively how to create and transfer that dependency onto other permanently affordable models, while in the meantime do everything we can to preserve every rent controlled unit on the market. The Tenant Congress was this weekend, where a hundred tenants met with Shaw and Daly to discuss rent reform. A vote in the end opted to place more tenant presence on the rent board, making them better majority.

The Bay Area Housing Market right now:

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