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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
And here are the details in case you have not already gotten them on the next Housing/Land Use Seminar I am helping to organize.
San Francisco legends Calvin Welch and Joe O'Donoghue present an overview of San Francisco land use issues, in a talk entitled, "San Francisco Housing and Land Use battles: A historical review from the 1970's to the present."
This monthly seminar series is sponsored by the San Francisco Green Party and the Center for Education and Social Action at New College of California. See the Housing and Land Use working group page for more information about the seminar series.

This is the second workshop in a monthly series that will be a great opportunity to educate yourself, share your thoughts, and get involved with local advocacy groups trying to create a better San Francisco. The series will take place on the last Thursday of each month at New College, located at 777 Valencia Street.

The seminar series includes a diverse range of topics and speakers--Supervisors, activists, attorneys, developers, nonprofit builders and city planners-- policymakers and advocates from all sides of our housing and development battles. Here’s a chance for you to consider diverse, frequently contradictory opinions, and make up your own mind on important issues facing the city. The seminars should prove informative, lively and entertaining.

What: Green Party Housing and Land Use Seminar Series, co-sponsored with the New College Center for Education and Social Action
Who: Joe O'Donoghue and Calvin Welch, and you with your thoughtful and probing questions.
When: 7:00 p.m., Thursday, March 25
Where: New College, 777 Valencia Street, near 19th Street

And last night I attended Supervisor Daly's showing of 'The Fall of the I-Hotel' at City hall, in vigilance of his anti-demolition ordinance and the Trinity Plaza Tenants who are facing a very similar profit-over-people predicament. If you haven't seen the documentary it is amazing, extremely powerful, and is one of the most important Land Use battles this city has faced in the last 30 years. Another movie worth seeing relating to displacement and housing battles here in SF is Boom! The Sound of an Eviction. I am trying to purchase copies, Boom I think you can view on line, and will host another showing if people are interested.


Here is a review of the Coalition for Homeless Benefit last week at Slim's, and an old but good article by one of the Coalition's brightest advocates, Jim Tracy.

And if you are interested in a full list of the new Homeless Council Members assembled by Alioto and responsible for this city's 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness, here it is.

And here is a Radio Interview with Bruce Mau, Brenda Laurel, and Cameron Sinclair regarding Design and Social Change, with a little nod to the AFH Meetup Crews! Scroll down to the bottom.

Archvoices has written a bit on AFH here, in context of Architecture being recognized from outside the industry for its work in helping to push Design into larger notions of societal effect, and the value of outisde-the-field acknowledgement.

Sam Davis, Prof at UC Berkeley will be releasing a new book this Novemeber 'Designing for the Homeless: Architecture that Works'. should be a great read and I am trying ot hustle a review of this book for a future magazine. He also designed the Larkin Street Youth Center, and will be lecturing next month.

Some great bits in these articles.

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