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Sunday, February 08, 2004
AFH makes some NEWS:

Oregon Live catches up with Cameron in a cafe with his laptop, architecting his network for Humanity. Kate Stohr (AFH's other co-founder), wrote this article for the NY Times about the ironic shrinking of the world's cities 3 to 2 while others continue to grow. See the Shrinking Cities Project Here.

And this is the latest on the 'OUTREACH' DESIGN DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP in South Africa.


Angela Alioto is readying herself to be the Chair of the Task Force to End Homelessness and "Head of Special Projects". This is a good interview with her and the city's 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness here in SF.

Darren Noy is a PhD student at UC Berkeley in the Dept of Sociology, and has prepared this website report: Homelessness in San Francisco - Understanding a common vision that will build a homeless policy that works.


SF Architect David Baker has written on zoning studies, architectural strategies, and community design. Scroll down to his WRITINGS section.

There is an interesting discussion on the Dwell Discussion Boards: "What is Affordable?”


California Assemblyman Leyland Yee wants to legislate an influence of Feng Shui into California urban planning. But some critics think it is a sign of California's laziness to practice good design already.

Urban Action is a publication put together by students in the Urban Studies Dept. at SFSU, combining research papers, interviews, photo-essays, and other quality related material.

While Supervisors Ammiano and Duffy are trying to heavily restrict and ban Wal-Mart supercenters in SF, Contra Costa County next month will vote on Measure L and to ban Wal-Mart Supercenters.

"Local government should have a right to plan where and how big-box stores come into their communities and not leave it totally up to the developer,'' said Supervisor John Gioia of Richmond. "This is a battle in a larger war over who controls development in a local community.''

And here is more on Daly’s Anti-Demolition Ordinance, McGoldrick wants to make it buildings of 6 or more sound units.

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