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Sunday, January 25, 2004
Here are some HOMELESS NEWS LINKS I found recently.

In Downtown Memphis, Tenn. the city has mandated panhandlers must pay 10 bucks for Permits to Panhandle, can you believe that?

Chance Martin, editor of Street Sheet, updates us on some recent Homeless Policy news.

Students are engaging different skews on homelessness and Container Arch, while architect Mike Strauss continues to prepare containers for global use.

And while an affluent suburb like Orinda ditches an effort to provide shelter outreach , Portland allows a sanction for a Homeless Village.

Avalon Chrystie Place in NY is being praised as the result of an unusual collaboration of state and city officials, nonprofit organizations, grass roots groups and private companies, brings to a close what has been called the longest-running dispute over an urban renewal site in the city.

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