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Monday, January 26, 2004
Good news, Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez has agreed to kick off the first seminar for the SFGP Housing/ Land Use Public Seminar Series I am helping to organize next month Feb. the 26th, so mark your calendars. Our working group is preparing speakers and topics to discuss in the coming months the many issues surrounding the complex and convoluted nature of housing and policy in SF today, with some of the city's most relevant voices: Supervisor Chris Daly, Calvin Welch, Joe O'Donoghue, Randy Shaw, Ted Gullicksen & (tentatively, Brad Paul, Larry Bush, Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, Paul Boden, and a bunch more).

* Here are some recent articles Randy Shaw & Paul Boden have published regarding Prop J, Supportive Housing, and the Chronicle's misreporting of the news.

Design Corps has announced Structures For Inclusion 4 - Choosing Relevancy, their next installment of conferences, which aims to confront the consciousness designers must face when choosing their clients, between the few or the many. This time the speakers will include our own David Baker and Walter Hood, along with Maurice Cox, Teddy Cruz and Andrew Wagner from Dwell. I am considering attending March 26-28th in Atlanta, if others want to join and form a group together let me know.

And a friend has pointed out this international organization OXFAM which is doing a lot of work directly related to AFH's effort in Bam, Iran right now. While coordinating relief efforts to combat world poverty directly, they also heavily campaign for policy change all over the world.

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